It was a typical Tuesday night in our family—we were all gathered in the living room waiting for Mama to finish cooking the meatballs. We sat around talking while the evening news played in the background. Here I am, mid-sentence and the news anchor breaks into a story about a nation-wide tire recall (watch the newscast http://abcnews.go.com/US/danger-wheels-feds-set-announce-tire-investigation-results/story?id=34757456 ) Seeing as a majority of my time is spent in the auto world, my attention naturally turned to the news. I was completely floored by this newscast–“more than half—56%–of recalled tires remain in use.”

allbrandform2Apparently, only 1 in 5 defective tires are actually being taken off of the road through the safety recall processes that are in place. Now, I’m thinking how on earth can this be?  Here is what I know: whenever you purchase tires (regardless of where you purchase them from) a card like the one pictured above should be filled out and mailed in. This is the only way tire manufacturers can notify you if there is a recall on your tires. The vendor (the shop or store who sold you the tires) should have this card, fill it out and mail it in for you. MAKE SURE TO ASK IF THIS HAS BEEN DONE! It could very well save your life.image

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